Photograph: A collection of Viking weapons: 7 battle-axes (4 with replica wooden handles) and 6 spearheads.

Viking weapons

Date: Early 1000s

In the late 900s and early 1000s, Scandinavian rulers such as Swein Forkbeard of Denmark and Olaf Tryggvason of Norway tried to gain control of the Danelaw and of the rest of England. Swein's son Cnut eventually won the English throne. There were a number of battles along the Thames and around London Bridge - on one occasion the bridge was pulled down. These battle-axes and spears were found during building works at the north end of the bridge in the 1920s. They may have been lost in battle or thrown into the river by the victors in celebration.

Accession number: MedWeb002

Place of collection: Old London Bridge, Lower Thames Street, London [City of London]

Material: iron


Gallery location: Case 9.1


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