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The London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) holds summary information on over 7500 sites or projects that have taken place in Greater London over the past 100 years, and the archives for more than 3000 of these sites/projects.

We will be adding mapping facilities to this site soon.


Search the information about the 7500 archaeological sites/projects identified in London.


Search the information about finds from a subset of archaeological sites.


Search for publications about selected London archaeological sites.

Search Tips

If you need any help using this system please do not hesitate to contact a member of the LAARC staff (see email below).

This Quick Search feature is designed to help you find your way into the Archive resources by entering one, or several, keywords relevant to either Site information or Finds Information.

The Quick Search will search all of the fields in the database for type of search you've used for any records that match all of your keywords.

For the best results, separate keywords with a comma. For example, spital, London will search for records with the words spital AND london. Words not separated by commas will be taken as a phrase (e.g. "spital London"). If entering more than one phrase you must separate all keywords with commas. You will also get better results if you do not use plurals, for example, use brooch rather than brooches.

The Finds quick search only includes Registered Finds. Use the Advanced Search to search Bulk finds.

The database available online is only a part of the material available in the LAARC for you to use. Data is being added to the system all the time but with the vast number of sites held by the LAARC this progress may appear slow. Any results you obtain are only a sample of the material that is relevant to your search, and should be viewed as a starting point.

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