Counter service displays

Goods were displayed both on and behind the counters: bacon and hams were hung from rails. Groceries were stacked on tall, polished wooden scales. Hams were display on pink and white ceramic stands which matched the decorative scales, designed by Herbert & Son.

Window dressing was an important part of working at a Sainsbury's counter service shop. Photographs and drawings of displays were distributed by head office to be copied. Instructions were also issued on the length of time that perishable goods could be kept on display. Boxes of butter and margarine could not be shown in the window for more than half a day.

Instructions stated that window displays must be completed 'by 10 o'clock each morning, including Mondays'. The district supervisor visited regularly and would order the re-dressing of any window which was not up to standard.

Elaborate displays would be produced for product promotions and special occasions: at Christmas rows of poultry would be hung outside the shop.

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